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XDH-6 Hydrofining Catalyst

Author: Admin Date: 2016-05-09

The product is hydrogenation catalyst, which is based on γ-Al2O3 as a carrier modified, and Tungsten, molybdenum, nickel as active ingredient. The catalyst has the following features; a large specific surface area, pore volume, uniform distribution of the active ingredient, the high denitrification activity. It is suitable for the hydrofining of the middle distillate oil, oil in the removal of sulfur, nitrogen, glial, and other impurities, and to improve the quality of the oil and the production of sulfur content can reach to the world fuel specification quality gasoline and diesel.
Technical indexes

appearance Clover strip
size,mm φ(1.3~1.6)
Active component WO3-MoO3-NiO-CoO
Average crushing strength
N/cm         ≥
Bulk density,kg/L 0.87~0.96
Specific surface area
,m2/g              ≥
Pore volume,ml/g                  ≥ 0.32
Packing and points for attention
The XDH-6 catalyst is packed in hard paper drum, inner lined with plastic film. Pay attention to moisture proof in storage. During transportation, loading and unloading, it is forbidden to bump and roll the drum to avoid catalyst breaking.