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XDH-4 Coking Dry Gas Hydrogenation Catalyst

Author: Admin Date: 2016-05-09

XDH-4 catalyst has a higher hydrogenation conversion capability of organic sulfides and olefin. It applies in the coking dry gas hydrogenation process, which is the olefin content less than 8% ,and also applies to petroleum distillates, refinery gas, natural gas, oil gas, water, gas and other raw materials. Particularly, it is suitable for coking dry gas as raw material, hydrogen plant.
Technical indexes

appearance Gray-blue small ball
size,mm φ2~4
Average crushing strength
N/cm         ≥
Bulk density,kg/L 0.70~0.85
Abrasion rate,%(m/m)            ≤ 3.0
Operating conditions
1、Coking dry gas
Sulfur content in the raw material ppm≤ 200
H2/,(V)≥ 20
Inlet temperature ℃ 220~280
velocity,h-1 1000~1500
Operating pressure,Mpa 1.0~5.0
Sulfur content in the gas, ppm  < 0.3
Olefin in the raw materials ≤ 8
2、Fractions of petroleum, natural gas, oil field gas
H2/,(V)≥ 50~100
Temperature ℃ 200~400
Liquid velocity,h-1 1~6
Gas velocity,h-1 1000~2000
Operating pressure,Mpa 2.0~5.0
Hydrogenation in the raw material% 5
NH3 in the H2/ppm  < 100
3、Technical Specifications
Export olefin/%   ≤ 0.1
Total sulfur/ppm   ≤ 0.1
Packing and points for attention
The XDH-4 catalyst is packed in hard paper drum, inner lined with plastic film. Pay attention to moisture proof in storage. During transportation, loading and unloading, it is forbidden to bump and roll the drum to avoid catalyst breaking.