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BH-1 benzene hydrogenation catalyst

Author: Admin Date: 2016-05-09

BH1 benzene hydrogenation catalyst
BH-1benzene hydrogenation catalyst mainly applied to produce cyclohexylane using benzene as material and phase hydrogenation technology. The reaction equation is as follows
C6H6+3H2→C6H12   ΔH=-216.51kj/mol,
The reaction of cyclohexylane production using benzene as material is an equilibrium radiative reaction which volume reduced. Therefore high pressure and low temperature has advantage to cyclohexylane production. The catalyst used active alumina as carrier and used Ni as active component and possessed the advantages of uniform active component, high catalytic activity, high selectivity,good stability and adaptability to material.
The physical and chemical characteristics of BH1 catalyst

Physi-chemical characteristics appearance
bulk density ,kg/L
pore volume ,ml/g
specific surface area ,m2/g
Black  cylinder
0.      9~1.3
Operational condition Liquid benzene space velocity,h-1
Reaction temperature ,℃
Reaction pressure ,Mpa
H2/benzene (mol)
Benzene conversion ,%
Packing and points for attention
BH-1 benzene catalyst is packed in hard paper, inside with plastic film bag. Net weight is 40 kg per sack. Pay more attention to moisture proof in storage, and ensure catalyst not contacting with other chemical production. Be careful when loading and unloading and transportation avoiding production breaking. The product can be stored 3 years in hermetic condition, and the quality can maintain stable.