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A918 catalyst for sulfur recovery

Author: Admin Date: 2016-05-12

A918 catalyst for sulfur recovery
A918 catalyst of sulfur recovery is a artificial synthesizing active Al2O3 catalyst, which possess stronger performance of anti-sulfated poison, higher hydrolysis function of organic sulfur compounds and better character of heat steady. The effect of industrial trial has proved that A918 catalyst have the advantages of high activity and crush strength ,which can be used for 3 years continuously .Compared to the bauxite ,the total yield of sulfur recovery can be increased from 80~85% to 94~96% in equal or similar process conditions. The hydrolysis of COS has reached 100% and the sulfur amount of tail gas has decreased below to 1%. All kinds of properties of A918 catalyst, whose specific surface area attained 320m2/g, have reached the advanced level in the world.
Main technical indexes of A-918 sulfur recovery catalyst

Exterior White or reddish granule
Size, mm φ4-6
Pole volume, ml/g ≥0.4
Specific space area, m2/g ≥300
Bulk density, kg/L 0.6-0.8
Average crushing strength, N/grain ≥130
Abrasion ratio, %(m/m) ≤1
■Packing and points for attention
A918 promoted catalyst adopting package of paperboard drum, inner lined with plastic film bag. Net weight is 40 kg/drum. Pay attention to moisture proof in storage, and ensure catalyst not contacting with other chemicals. Be careful when loading and unloading and transportation avoiding product from being broken. The quality won’t be affected for 3-5 years if properly sealed and stored.