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Z939 CS2 Remover

Author: Admin Date: 2016-05-12

  The product is made of activated carbon as the carrier and adds special additives. It is suitable for the CS2 removal of hydrogen, synthesis gas, natural gas, acetylene gas, ammonia. The catalyst is not only capable of absorbing a large amount of CS2 in the raw material, but also some of the simple organic sulfides.

Main technical indexes of Z939

Quality standards Operating conditions and purification indexes
Exterior Black strip Operating temperature,℃ 0~20
Specification, mm Φ(1~3)×(3~8) Operating pressure, Mpa Atmospheric pressure~10
Bulk density, g/ml 0.55~0.65 Velocity, h-1 100~500
Crushing strength, N/cm ≥20 Inlet CS2 content, mg/m3 0~30
Specific surface area, m2/g ≥500 Bed height/diameter, L/D ≥3
Packing and attentions
Z939 is packed in hard paper drum, inner lined with plastic film. The net weight is 25kg per drum. Pay attention to moisture proof in storage, and ensure the catalyst not contacting with other chemical products. During transportation, loading and unloading, it is forbidden to bump and roll the drum to avoid catalyst breaking. Under airtight condition, the product can be stored for 2-3years, with its quality not deteriorated.