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Sulfur Recovery Catalyst Series (Claus)

Author: Admin Date: 2016-05-11

  In order to meet more and more strict environmental requirements, since 1990s, Shandong Xunda Chemical Co., Ltd. has started the research of sulfur recovery catalysts and have successfully developed a series of sulfur recovery catalysts, including A-918 advanced Al2O3 catalyst, A-988 TiO2 anti-sulfation catalyst, TiO2-Al2O3 promoted catalyst, A999 hydrogenated catalyst for tail gas sulfur recovery and A-958 de-oxygenation and protection catalyst, which can be used in the imported and domestic sulfur recovery units instead of foreign catalyst.
A series of sulfur recovery catalysts can be applied in the Claus units which use acid gas as the feedstock, coming from refineries, chemical fertilizer plants, natural gas, coal gasification, coke and other petrochemical plants.
In order to optimize recovery unit production, from the point of view of technical economy, the most effective measure is to use sulfur recovery catalyst series and catalytic technology to improve the unit efficacy and total yield of sulfur recovery in the case of no changes or small changes of the site process conditions, which has been proved by the domestic and overseas practice.