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Dalian haidu chemical co.,Ltd
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   Dalian haidu chemical co., ltd attaches to shandong xunda chemical industrial co., ltd, mainly produces petrol-chemical or refining-chemical catalysts, intermediates of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, petrol-chemical products( such as: paraffin wax, mineral oil,gasoline,diesel oil),chemical additives (DHT-4A etc.) environment protection technology, Dalian haidu is a corporation which integrates trade, manufacture, sales marketing, and product research & development, as a leading chemical catalysts in china,possess 80% marketing in mainland and provide high quality service and products for petro-chemicals and pharmaceutical chemicals. Simultaneity ,we have a associated laboratory with shandong xunda, shandong qilu Institute of Chemical and Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics(DICP). 1999,we have implemented a quality assurance program based on the formalized requirements of ISO9001:2000, and made great achievements as keeping long-term cooperation with the famous petrochemical & oil companies of China, such as CNPC and SINOPEC. 2005,our fixed capital is more than hundred million, and annual sales income more than RMB80 million. our product are demanded by various trades like refining-chemical, petrol-chemical, metallurgy and etc at home, also exported to middle east, southeast asia, east asia, north america and europe and etc.
  We specializes in supplying sulfur recycled catalyzer series for claus process, pharmaceutical products of catalysts,polypropylene catalyzer series, fertilize catalyzer series, desulfurizer series, depoisoner series, drier series, sorbent series, hydrogenation catalyzer series, inhibitor (retarder) series, pesticide intermediate, chemical intermediate, porcelain ball (stuffings) series and etc. simultaneously, we extend to business scope including petrol-chemical products( such as: paraffin wax, mineral oil,gasoline,diesel oil) and as Kyowa Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd exclusive agency for DHT-4A etc. we will provide high quality products and optimal process solution scheme.